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Funding Costs

We strive to provide an excellent, no fuss service at a fair cost.  We are experts at finding solutions when your needs are urgent and we will do our best to offer you a loan at a price you think is fair.

Property Funding Costs

Interest Rates: 7.5% - 14% per annum.

Establishment Fee: 0.5% to 2.5% of the loan amount depending on the loan term.  This range applies for most of our loans but it may be different for development loans depending on the complexity and risk.

Early Repayment: We will not charge you any penalty or fee for repaying your loan early.

Legal Costs: In most instances we can instruct your lawyer direct thus keeping your legal costs to a minimum.  For a development facility we require our own solicitor to document the loan.  We can provide you with their quote before you accept any offer we may make to you.  

Valuation, Security Inspection Cost: We do not charge an inspection fee and where the loan to value ratio is low, we may not even require a report from a registered valuer - a further cost saving to you.

Consumer Loans

We no longer provide loans in the consumer loan market.